[AUCTION] Qwertychest #2 Ender pearls

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  1. 2012-10-07_10.12.30.png
    One word: Teleportation.

    Starting bid: 5k
    Minimum bid incriments: 100r
    Auction ending time: 48h after last bid with no other bids after it
    Pickup: Res 1134 smp1

    Happy bidding!
  2. 5k, like a boss
  3. Another bump.
    C'mon people, you won't just let him win like that, will you?
  4. I will let him win like that

    ~On Topic~

    Show me a enderman grinder!
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  5. No thanks :p
  6. 5k is expensive for those lol.
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  7. Status bump!
    20 hours untill you win!
  8. 7000 rupees.
  9. Bump
    For all of you who missed that...
  10. Boo, wrong color! -_-
  11. Ender pearl Bump!
  12. Congrats, you win with 7k!
    Pay me and I'll set up the access chest at 1134.
  13. Paid, waiting for my chest :p
  14. You will have it by tomorrow.
  15. Chest is set up.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.