[AUCTION] Qwertychest 1: Dirt!

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  1. 2012-09-09_08.22.26.png Hello there everyone! This is an auction for a double chest of... Dirt!
    Now you might ask, what is dirt good for? Here is your answer:
    A cheap building material!
    Temparary structures!(Pillars to reach high up)
    You can build a hill on your res without having to manually collect the dirt or face the risk on death in the wild!
    Build yourself a second "Residence"! (60 by 60 square in the sky)
    Make an above ground semi-auto wheat farm!
    Impress your friends with the massive amount of dirt you have!

    Now for the gudelines:
    ITEM: Double chest of the marvelous dirt!
    ENDING TIME: 48 hours after the last bid has been placed with no other bids after it

    Happy bidding! :)
  2. No credit to Me?
  3. I was actually thinking of doing this before your auction. :p but if you must...
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  4. Amyone? I saw onw of these go for 4k...
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  5. Thank you.
    Bump! Dwight5273 is winning with 11r! :p
  6. 20 Rupees
  7. Its... dirt?
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  8. Your sense of humor is low, lightly up :)
  9. Now we're talking!
  10. If nobody else bids, Qwertyzzz18 wins with 103r at Tuesday, 5:54 pm. PST
  11. WeirdManaico will win at Tuesday, 9:07 PM if nobody else bids!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.