[AUCTION] Quad Enchanted Diamond Sword

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by jeffleecon, Jul 2, 2013.

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  1. Diamond Sword Enchanted
    Sharpness V
    UnBreaking III
    Looting III
    Fire Aspect II

    Starting Bid: 8,000
    Bid Increments: 500 Rupees
  2. i got bout 3k, sry
  3. Um why do I need to know
  4. Uhm sir, if you don't have enuf then please don't bid, it counts as a bump

    8.5k :p
  5. Also keep on the lookout for upcoming auctions by me when this is over :)
  6. Not to be mean, but putting messages into yor auction while it is still active counts as bumping, and before you bumped after 2.5 hours, you should wait 3 hours minimum between posts, because all posts count as bumps if they are from you. Ex:bob123 is leading with ____r!
  7. What do you mean bob123 is leading with ____R!
  8. It's an example.
  9. you never put an ending time for this auction, therefor making it invalid.
  10. 24 hours after :l
  11. After what? The last valid bid?
  12. yes duah what do u think other why's it would be already over so get off my case
  13. Wow nice sword.
  14. Actually, you will have to contact a moderator to edit the op, as It is invalid until the time is in the original post.
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  15. It could have been 24 hours after the OP, so please use a bit of common knowledge and read the rules before making an auction.
  16. sorry I was at my friend's house doing this and he didn't tell me about that and I was only doing what he said to do so I'm sorry it won't happen again
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