[Auction] QUAD Enchant Diamond Sword!!

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  1. Hey guys!!!
    Another Enchanted Diamond sword!
    Bid Starting Price: 3000 Rupees
    Minimum Bid Increments: 1000 Rupees
    Bid Ends 24 Hours of the LAST VALID BID.
    Item: Diamond Sword Enchanted
    Enchantments (4):
    Sharpness V
    Fire Aspect II
    Looting III
    Unbreaking III
    Condition: Mint Condition (UNUSED)

    Pickup: 14448 , SMP7
    Payment: Item will be stored AFTER clear Transaction.
    Thank you. 2013-06-27_18.10.24.png
  2. 5,000 rupees
  3. Crazy....
  4. Amp1993 winning atm with 6000 Rupees!
  5. Please
    Please refrain from bumping until 3 hours has passed. Even if you are noting someone is in the lead.
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  6. Actually legend can buy it I have just enchanted one my self.

  7. Is removing my bid not allowed ?
  8. It is not, once you have placed a bid you must abide by it.
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  9. amp if u win i will buy it from u for 5k, 6k is to high for me
  10. never mind, i got a good sword now
  11. i dont like to be mean guys but i dont think making you own conversations is right in somes auction do you?
  12. aggreed
  13. Amp1993 Won The Auction with 6000 Rupees, Please meet me at my res 14448 Smp7
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.