[AUCTION] Pyromaniac and his cure

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  1. Are you a pyromaniac? Well of course you are! Why you ask? Well I said and builder is always right? Right? Right! But of course I'm just such a kind person that I would never want anyone to have no way to stop the blazing fire destroying your beloved wooden house that take ever so long. So have water to go with it. Now go light yourself some fires!

    Items: 1 DC {54} flint and steel's and 1 DC {54} water buckets
    Start price: 50r
    Minimum bid increment: 50r
    Auction end time: When the time feel right, as I am right 48 hours after last valid bid

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    Please no break spoilers
    The water buckets? Errr.... I'll just hide them in a dusty corner with cobwebs :p

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.