[AUCTION] Pumpkin, Double Chest (cad pumpkin #1)

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  1. This auction is for one Double Chest full of 3456 Pumpkin Blocks.

    The starting bid will be 500r.

    Minimum bid increase will be 100r.

    This Auction will end 24 hours after the last bid.

    After winning, and paying, you will be given access to this double chest at 8122 Jungle Shop (on smp4).

    The Chest is on the right, under the jungle wood creeper Face.

    Thank you.

    Additional Info:

    As you can imagine, this Double Chest took a long time to gather.

    It seems to me that this auction is not very common, so I took some extra time to list some benefits/uses for these pumpkins.

    As you may know, Pumpkins can easily be:
    > Sold as-is in your Shop
    > Crafted into 4 Pumpkin Seeds
    > Seeds Planted for a even more Pumpkins
    > Worn as a Helmet (then you can look at Endermen safely)
    > Crafted with a torch into a Jack-o-lantern, which lights similar to glowstone (underwater, brighter than torches, etc)
    > Used as a Building or Decorative Block (check out 8876 on smp4.. WOW)
    > Used to create a Snow Golem (Snowman) and get unlimited snow balls/blocks in the wild
    > Can be used to make Iron Golems (but I'm not sure if this can be done on EMC, Let me know please)
    > After one of the next Minecraft updates in the coming weeks or months, you can craft Pumpkin Pie.
  2. Anyone? Only 500r for 3456 Pumpkin Blocks. Thanks.
  3. lower the starting bid
  4. This took a lot of work, if not ones wants it, I will remove the auction in about 24 hours. I will use it myself to make a Double Chest of Pumpkin Pie in the future. Thanks.
  5. Check this out;
  6. I understand how long it must have taken to harvest this (even with your auto-harvester) and I acknowledge that and that is why I bid :D
  7. And off we go :D 700r
  8. In about 3 hours TheTrufflehunter will win with 800r, if there are no more bids. Thanks.
  9. TheTrufflehunter wins with 800r.
    I will private message you with Pay and Pickup details. Thank you.
  10. Congrats TheTrufflehunter!
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