[AUCTION] promos starting at 1r

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  1. Items:
    x1 Un-Used ESCD
    x1 Pot of gold
    x1 Pi Pie
    x1 Freedom Steak
    x1 Used Dancer (Type: Horse Disc: Brown none Speed: 110.00% Jump: 110.00% HP:30)
    x1 Used Starter Horse (Type: Horse Disc: Gray black dots Speed: 103.68% Jump: 63.88 HP: 24)
    x1 Unused Starter Horse (No stats as it is unused)
    x1 Remembrance Poppy

    Starting bid- 1r

    Bid Increment- 100r

    Auction End Time- 96 Hours after last Valid bid (4 Days)

    Pick up is at /v 6027

    Happy Bidding :)
  2. Sorry to be rude but the items are overpriced, with my experience start the starting bid low and you will nearly always get the amount you want. just want to tell you :) but you have cool items

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  3. Soul bound bread and the soul bound spawn eggs don't count as promos and must be auctioned in DC quantities
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  4. Changed listing per request and removed outdated pic.
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  5. Bump
    Thanks Krysyyjane9191 :)
  6. Bump still very cheap
  7. 31k
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