[Auction] Promos galore

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by goofballbroker, Dec 25, 2013.

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  1. Items:
    (1) Stable Voucher
    (2) Labor Bench
    (1) Unspawned Valens (Says "Fortitude of a Giant")
    (1) Used Saltar (Creamy Whitefield, Speed: 59.31%, jump 100%, HP 16)
    (1) Rudolph (unused) Speed 120, 30 HP, 95 Jump
    (2) Haunted Heads (one has never been used, one has been used twice)
    (2) Turkey Slicer
    (1) Starter Leggings
    (1) Starter Chestplate
    (1) Starter Sword
    (1) Starter Helmet
    (1) Starter Pickaxe
    (1) Starter Boots
    (7) Other random horses because there has to be 10 in a valid auction


    Starting bid: 30,000r
    Min. Bid Increment: 1000r
    Auction Ending Time: 48 hours after last valid bid
    Item Pickup: residence 8690 on SMP4, delivery extra 50r
    Send payment to: goofballbroker
    Payment must be made by: 48 hours after you win the auction

    Happy Bidding!
  2. With promo horses you can have as many as you like. Also, if you are including the other horses they have to have stats listed :)
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  3. As a side note, you didn't have to include the 7 extra horses as the ones you have are EMC special items, if you're going to keep them in the auction, you'll have to list the stats of them. :)
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  4. Stats for other 7 horses:
    Dark brown whitefield: speed 73.36%, jump 68.11%, hp 23.79
    white white dots: speed 91.31%, jump 60.98%, hp 21.33
    brown white: speed 92.50%, jump 80.34%, hp 22.33
    gray white dots: speed 87.62%, jump 68.55%, hp 24.05
    chestnut white dots: speed 85.35%, jump 64.21%, hp 23.66
    chestnut white: speed 92.88%, jump 76.09%, hp 24.00
    white white: speed 92.16%, jump 71.00%, hp 22.06
  5. I don't think the starter set is allowed; correct me if I'm wrong?
  6. Certainly are, special items.
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  7. Is it really special? Since you know, everybody gets one from tutorial o.o
  8. I dont really see how the starter set is a special item... Everyone that starts gets it ahha
  9. Everyone can get items from /promo doesn't stop them being special either, the Starter kits are just more common is all
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  10. Oops sorry didnt see it had already been said sorry!
  11. the starter kit is enchanted, so definitely allowed.
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  12. 50k is a good price for this! Itsmemathews wins in 27 hours!
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  13. kaja in the lead with 60k
  14. bump. 60k is a great deal for these items!
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