[ AUCTION ] Promos 4.0

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Next auction combo

=-Cupid=-(unused), ESCD, and Freedom blade <<< DO NOT CLAIM : CLAIM CHEST ABOVE >>> 5 vote(s) 62.5%
Bliz Ardd's Nose, ESCD, and Cupid Bundle 3 vote(s) 37.5%
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  1. Items: Cupid Bow 2015, Remembrance Poppy, Magical Eggcellent Wand
    Starting: 15k
    Min Inc: 1k
    End: 48 hours after last valid bid

    Happy biddings
  2. BUMP, I was hoping for some bids :confused:
  3. BUMP< don't let this thread go down when you could be making proft
  4. dealt with 18k
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  5. Not in my house steve! 30K
  6. BUMP, this is still pretty cheap
  7. if I did my math right you have won :), pay and Ill set a chest up at 14599
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