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  1. Items: 2 Cupid Bows, 2 Lucky bows, and 2 Turkey Slicers.
    Starting bid: 100k
    Minimum bid increment: 750r
    Auction ends 48 hours after last bid.
  2. Oops, thought it said 1k, ignore that
  3. I'll be "that guy" and say that this auction is probably not worth that amount. The 4 bows alone would be 60k at MOST and the two Slicers would be maybe 30k at MOST.

    Sorry but had to be done
  4. This actually probably is worth 100k, but it's still priced high

    2x Cupid Bow 10k each = 20k

    2x Lucky Bow 20k Each = 40k

    2x Turkey Slicer 20k each = 40k

    = 100k
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  5. Ok changeling starting bid to 90k.
  6. If u want bidders try 40-50k starting bid :p
  7. Ok, changeing the starting bid to 45k.
  8. Bump, still cheap guys ;).
  9. 60,000 rupees.
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  10. Guys, this items cost more than 60k! Also bump :D.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.