[Auction] Promo Items And 3 DC of stuff

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  1. Hey everyone Welcome To My Auction
    I will be Auction:
    1 DC+6 extra Of Mob Head That have:
    1 Ghast head
    29 pigman
    3 Spider
    2 lavaslime
    1 Blaze
    2 skele
    9 zombie
    1 Wither skele
    12 Creeper
    There will also be 1 DC of Lime Stained glass
    1 DC of Hardened Clay
    1 ICC voucher and 1 Haunted head
    Start Bid Will Be: 20k Dont complian
    Mid Increasement is: 500r
    Will end Exatlly: 24 hours after last valid bid
    Pick up is on SMP9 18839
    Thank you

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  2. Bumpedy Bump This is a Steal! Dont lets xHaro_Der get this for so Cheap
  3. I belive xHaro_Der Has Won This Auction Once Paided ill set up a Access For You at 18839
  4. Gawd damit lol. If only I saw dis yesterday :L
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