[Auction] Promo Bows and Netherhound Egg

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  1. Auction Items:
    1x Cupid Bow - unbreaking III
    1x Lucky Bow - unbreaking X, power V, looting IV
    1x Netherhound Egg

    Starting Bid:
    500 rupees

    Min Bid Increments:
    500 rupees

    Auction Ending Time:
    24 hrs. after last valid bid

    SMP9 18320
    2014-03-12_08.00.41.png 2014-03-12_07.56.48.png 2014-03-12_07.58.47.png 2014-03-12_07.58.57.png
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  2. nope, chuck testa!
  3. 41k How much are netherhounds worth nowadays?
  4. Hey Moe, 48k >: D
  5. Hey there MrUnknownian :)
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Thread Status:
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