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  1. Item: a chest full of epic stuff like slimeballs diamonds enchanted swords i estimated the cost in a shop would be 40,000r.

    Starting big: 500r

    Minimum bid Increments: 200r

    Auction Ending Time: Auction will end exactly 24 hours after the last bid has been posted with no other bids after it.

    Some items in the chest:
    50 blaze rods
    32 diamonds
    2 stacks slimeballs
    enchanted swords
    sticky pistons
    and so on
  2. 1. Is it approved by mods/admin?
    2. Please name ALL of the items
    3. That isn't worth 40k....
    4. Post a screenshot please?
    5. I will bid once you name every singel item, and its approved by a moderator/admin.
  3. If it has an enchated item, its approved.
  4. 1. Please name ALL of the items
    2. That isn't worth 40k....
    3. Post a screenshot please?
    5. I will bid once you name every singel item.

  5. Yes, just start at a starting bid of 5k, than people would bid and the price will go up easier.
  6. yea wait ill get it aproved
  7. i cant take creen shots and the price is estimated
  8. It's approved, assuming you do the following.

    List out every single item you have. How many stone, redstone, etc. Don't put and so on in an auction. What does the and so on contain?

    The swords need their enchantments listed.
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  9. items:
    50blaze rods
    1stack and 42 slimeball
    15 fethaers
    1rd stone lamp
    64 coal
    16 snow balls
    and other stuff ill post pic

    enchanted stuff:
    1iron sword Iknockbakck
    1iron sword Isharpness Iknockback

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  10. This is my estimated worth:
    106 slime balls *40r each = 4.2k
    35 diamonds * 40r each = 1.4k
    50 blaze rodz * 10r each = 500r
    Coal < 150r
    feathers < ???
    Lamp < 100r
    Snow balls < ???
    Iron < 250r
    Iron stuff < 200r?

    So... 7k(I think) would be my estimated worth of the items shown above.. (I'm not bidding)
    And The picture shows an error and can't see it...

    Since nobody has put a bet yet... Let's start

  11. auction end mw won mw ill pm u were to pick up tomorow
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