[AUCTION] Power V Flame I Bow

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by QuilliamPenn, May 13, 2012.

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  1. I am auctioning a Power V (5) Flame I (1) Bow
    Bidding starts at 2 k
    Minimum bidding Incriments of 500r
    Bidding ends 24 hours after last bidder
    Thank you all for Bidding :)
  2. Just saying that's over priced! I'd say it's worth 4-5k at most.
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  3. And that's at the end of an auction I would say it should start at 1k
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  4. Sorry guys i didnt realize that :)
    I changed the Starting bid to 2 k
    also....is 8-10k a good price for an Infinity bow?
  5. inf bow just saves u on arrows. seems like u would need a lot of arrows to make up for 10k lol
  6. Ok thanks i am new at Auctioning off Bows lol
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  7. I don't have 2K but if it can I'll bid 0.5K!
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  8. Ok
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  9. Ok so no one is gonna bid i am gonna bump this and if no one bids for 24 hours then i will put this wonderful bow in my shop :)
  10. What was false bid about that?. He asked if he could bid 500r
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  11. is there a bid on this yet? the bows unused correct? if so im in for 2k
  12. Sorry about that, I didn't read that right.
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  13. Ok Rob will win the bow here in 3 hours
  14. Roblikescake wins the bow at 4.5k Rob I will set up a chest for you on smp7 at 14650 later this after noon :) once i receive the money
  15. will pay 4:30pm today.

    (Est time)
  16. Alright sounds good :)
  17. Paid and received.

    Thread can be closed.
Thread Status:
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