[Auction] Potato Cannon Mk.VI

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  1. Still in the lead is choongjae with bid of 13.5k
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  2. Via La Bump
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  3. Let's see how much Choongjae want this....15k...
  4. How much do you want this collect12? 20k
  5. In the lead is chaaralis with bid of 20k
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  6. 21k

    (What am I thinking.)

  7. Belly flop bump
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  8. no no no no bad stop
  9. It shall be mine.
  10. Haha, never fight against a potato lover when a potato bow is at risk.
  11. But I love potatoes D:

  12. Hello. 25.5k.
  13. You rotten potato! :(

  14. Fixed that for ya.

    26.5 k.
  15. im dun.
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  16. You do not love potatoes as much as I do. (But we should hold a meeting about how awesome potatoes are.)
    Now get out boozle.
  17. Back in the battle? 28k
  18. Muffinz. 28,501 rupees.
  19. 29501
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.