[Auction] Plant plethora!

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  1. Auction Items:
    Rose Bush, Lilac, Sunflower, Peony, Poppy
    Dandelion, Oxeye Daisy, Orange Tulip, White Tulip
    Red Tulip, Pink Tulip, Azure Bluet, Blue Orchid
    and Allium.

    Auction Item Amount:
    1 double chest of each flower.
    3456 per Double chest.
    48384 Flowers in total.

    Starting Bid:
    1 Rupee

    Minimum Bid:
    100 Rupees

    Auction Duration:
    48 Hours After Last Valid Bid

    This pretty plethora of plants is sure to please and bring pleasure yo many people. This particular posting was painstakingly pick and plowed from our precious plant pasture. These peppy plants are sure to bring you pleasure and bring that peaceful, positive feeling to your home or place of prominent passing your time. Please be sure these perky, peppy, precious plants find a good home.
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  2. bump, quite the amazing deal as it stands ladies and gents
  3. @moonglum_

    Doing my duty and letting you all know another Auction is up and you're missing out!
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  8. 35,000 rupees.
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