[AUCTION] Pirate Starter Kit, Arrrr!

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  1. Scratch yer eye with yer hook hand one too many times?
    Confused at what's a pirate greeting and what's free antivirus software?
    Keep forgetting what a pirate's favorite letter is? (It ain't R, that be a common misnomer. His heart belongs to the C)

    Sounds like ye could use a pirate starter kit!

    Here be the contents:

    1 DC of Boats (ye ain't a pirate without a ride)
    1 DC of Oak Planks (It be highly embarrassing to have someone walk the plank an' it breaks)
    1 DC of Water Buckets (fer riding yon boats in, swabbing yon decks, taking a bath...I don't be judging)
    1 DC of Sugar Cane (so ye can make yer own rum, and don't need be asking where it's gone)
    1 DC of Gold Nuggets (going around to pirate shindigs without booty just ain't done)
    1 DC of Chests (for keeping yon booty in, and great for ye olde Wastelands reset)
    1 DC of Sand (for hiding yon booty in. But fair warning, get some sand in yer booty and it never be coming out)
    4 Level-30 Enchanted Items, said to belong to Davy Jones himself. They be:
    Davy Jones' Tricorn: Dyed leather helmet, Fire Protection IV, Respiration III, Aqua Affinity I, Unbreaking III
    Davy Jones' Boots: Dyed leather boots, Protection IV, Feather Falling IV, Depth Strider III, Unbreaking III
    Davy Jones' Rod: Fishing rod, Luck of the Sea III, Lure III, Unbreaking III
    Davy Jones' Spade: Diamond shovel, Efficiency IV, Fortune III, Unbreaking III

    Yon bids will start at fou-ARRRR-ty thousand ARRRRR. (40,000 Rupees), and minimum increment be 33 ARRR (33 R) in honor of ye old Pirate Honus WagnARRRR.

    If one of ye landlubbers be lucky enough to hold off all comers fer two days (48 hours), he gets the whole lot of it.

    If ye think I be cheatin' ya (good, yer learnin'!) go to /v 14531 to view yon kit.

    May the greediest pirate win!
  2. I hope this auction does well just because of the amazing dialog. :D
  3. 41k simply because this auction is awesome
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  4. Arrrr! Batten down the hatches and prepare for a bump, matey!
  5. Ye lily-livered bilge suckers! Ye afeared of wkramer79? I'd cleave ye all to brisket if I didn't need yer coin.
  6. Scallywags! Ye limp wristed landlubbers, afeared to bid more than a thousand more than the other. Pirates be fearless, not namby-pamby!
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  7. Buckos, why ye be afeared of Kat? She gonna tell yer old lady about yer rum stash?
  8. Or did she out-drink ye an' you couldn't show yer face in the galley fer weeks?

    An' even ye sons-o'-barnacles that ain't pirates, gettin' ye a DC of chests fer the waste reset next week be mighty prudent.
  9. If ye were to buy those chests at the Empire /store, ye'd be shellin' hundreds of thousands of doubloons! And ye can pretend to be the Dread Pirate Scrooge McDuck with those nuggets, and swim in 'em! Fun fer the whole pirate family!
  10. Fo-ARRRRR-ty five thousand gold doubloons. YARRRR
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  11. Arrr don't bid 50K on the auction I will be in charge of it grrr.

    50K for the Lucky Pirates!
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  12. Be ye tryin' teh steal me booty? Thar she blows! I bid 50,033 golden rupees.

    (Oh my. It seems as though my gramm-ARR meter has broken. I need to get it fixed.)
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  13. I no longer care about my gramm-AARRRRRRR meter.

    What in davy jones's treasure chest do ye think ye be doin', landlubber! I have not that many doubloons! Be ye tryin' to pillage me prize?!?! How dare ye! I needed that full 'o awe collection 'o items! hearty thanks anyway, matey, I loved th' scurvy pirate theme.
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  14. Ye pox-faced, parrot-loving sea bass, are ye going t' let ShyguytheGamer1, who can't even be bothered to speak like a pirate, win this auction? Shiver me timbers!
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  15. f_builder_s, wkramer79, KarateKitKat, Galantisizer...ye all going to let ShyguytheGamer1 hoist ye over the yardarm without a fight? We'll dance the hornpipe o'er ye graves, ye yellow-bellied, hammock-hogging, duck-kneed, thumb-sucking, syphilitic, puppy-killing, panty-waisted luggards!
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  16. That bid be too high fer me. that be all I can take. me grammar levels be low. They need to be fixed. hearty thanks anyway.
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  17. Alright, I be givin' up, then. If'n ye be wanting more silly auctions, I be accepting donations at /v 14531 , an' ideas via PM. Thankee!
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