[ AUCTION ] Pig Pack #3 ( Mini )

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  1. ITEMS :
    x1 Smite V Fire Aspect II DIAMOND Sword
    x1 Bane of Arthropods V Looting III Fire Aspect II DIAMOND Sword

    100 Rupees

    100 Rupees

    48 Hours after the LAST bid placed

    Pick-up on Smp7 14224 in Soul Sand Building.
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  2. 100 r
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  3. DogsRNice is in the lead with 2,242 Rupees.
  4. thats all i have
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  5. Bidding for pateraterick:
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  6. Do I smell an Alt?
  7. darn:(
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  8. Oh where, oh where are you Auction King? * sing song voice *
  9. Um.... That's me :p
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  10. Hmmmmm... I like the swords, but my dog ate my ruppees :p
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  11. Lz is our leader with a bid of 5,000 Rupees.
    ( yes this is a unworthy auction bump )
  12. Since Rob isn't here, I will take you guys down.
    Just try'n test me.
  13. Nah, 5 was my budget for this one. Good luck
  14. I think your just scared to face me. You know I will win.:cool:
  15. Good. Now my Piggeh gets what he deserves for this auction. :)
  16. Lol, auction holders must love the competion.
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