[Auction] pick so efficient it'll make your mining 4x faster

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Dsmario64, Oct 17, 2012.

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  1. This here pick is an eff 4 pick (rather bad enchanting) if ya want it you need to win the auction.

    Here is the prized pick:

    Starting Bid: 100r

    Minimum bid increment: 10r

    Bid Ends: 24 hours after last bidder

    Pickup: 16250 in the auction room (uses chest shop so you can pick it up in your convenience)

    Now lets have a nice clean auction shall we?
  2. Actually this is false an efficiency IV pick is only 3 times as fast.
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  3. I was using the number 4 as a refrence to what lvl it was
  4. Lol. Look it up next time then :p
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  5. Are we just gonna stay here chatting or are the bids gonna start?
  6. 100r, I need some obsidian. :)
  7. 300r. Sorry for that one. :O
  8. winner nfell
  9. Oh yay! I needed one of these
  10. Opps srry
  11. You called me a she :mad:
  12. What Part of Nfell won do you not understand This auction is over
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  13. Thanks :D Couldnt find it at first my brother did xD
  14. You are?
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Not open for further replies.