[Auction] Pair of Enchanted Diamond Picks

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  1. Items:
    #1 Diamond Pickaxe Fortune III, Efficiency III
    #2 Diamond Pickaxe Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV

    Starting bid: 2000 rupees

    Minimum bid increments: 200 rupees

    Auction ends: 24 hours after the last bid

    After Auction is over the winner can meet me on SMp5 10181 on the second floor of the M&D Shop
  2. Yankees518 is ahead with a bid of 2k
  3. Yankees518 is ahead with bid of 2700r
  4. No!!! You dont say!!! Lol
  5. Please don't spam auction and I say that because it better put that than just say "bump"
  6. :) there is already a bid at 4k prolly just mistyped it
  7. whoops 4.5k
  8. Winner of the auction is pengw7n with the bid of 6k, I will be on this Sunday for most of day just tell when you free to pick up your winnings
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.