[AUCTION] Ore Buster Promo Pickaxe

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  1. Starting Price - 90K
    Minimum Bid Increase - 1k
    End of Auction - 24 Hours After Final Bid

    This is an auction of a UN-USED Ore Buster Promo Pickaxe.
    Incase you do not know what an Ore Buster Pickaxe is here are the enchants.
    Fortune 5
    Eff 6
    UnB 3
  2. Isnt that a bit high for a starting price?
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  3. Not at all.
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  4. slightly high yes considering you can buy a buster from 90-102k
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  5. Most shops throughout all of EMC sell them for and around 110,000. I bought this particular ore buster for 89900. So i can not sell it for any less than 90k.
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  6. Yes I bought one from a shop for 89.9 myself.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.