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  1. Hello All! :)

    ITEM: One DC Of Cooked Steak
    STARTING BID: 500r
    AUCTION END: 24 Hours after the last VALID bid
    PICK UP: At my res SMP8 /v16029

    Please Note any player who wins at Auction has 7 days to collect their winning items.

    Thank You and Happy Bidding! :)

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  2. 500 :D
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  3. Well isn't this nice and random :D 1k
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  4. 5501 rupees.
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  5. 6001r btw i dont think you can put a limit on when they can pickup there items theres a 48hour you must pay but i dont think your allowed to do a 7-day pick up limt
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  6. I have had trouble in the past with people not picking items up for months! After speaking to staff about it I'm well within my right to put a limit on it! I'm not a storage facility! lol :)
  7. i think i won?
  8. nah 6501
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  9. ohh lol i saw pm and am as both am
  10. 7250r
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  11. PAVI259 wins the bid with 7250r !

    I will set a chest up shortly! :)

    ThankYou! :)
  12. Paid, waiting for chest.
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  13. I am sorry PAVI259 it was so late for me when it ended! I have made a chest for you at my res in my Auction Room!

    Thanks again! :)
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