[Auction] One (1) Marlix Helmet

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  1. Hey guys and gals!
    ChrisTheHylian back with another auction! Please don't bid on my former post, as I have "unwatched" it. I was in the middle of typing it up, and it posted...*Stupid fat fingers* Anywho, here is the real and complete post!
    I am auctioning a Marlix Helmet (Undamaged). My friends and I killed a Marlix a few days ago, and they all agreed to give me the helmet! So, I figured I'd auction it! ;)

    Starting Bid: 10,000 (10K) Rupees
    Buyout: None!
    Time Frame: Thurs., May 12th @ 5:45pm EMC/EDT - Sun., May 15th @ Noon (12:00pm) EMC/EDT

    Winner will be notified via message on forums. I will mail you the winnings immediately after I see who the winner is. If I do not recieve payment in 24hrs after I mail it (Around noon on Sunday), I will report this to staff as a scam! Hate to do it, but it's happened before, and I let it slide :(
    Have fun bidding, and good luck!

  2. By the way, no minimum bid increase! Just please don't be that person who only goes up by like, 1 rupee lol
  3. so im amusing the minimum bid increase is 1r

    ima rebel
  4. Roughly another hour and 35 minutes remaining! :) Time to put more adverts out there :D
  5. idk if my bid is on time.
  6. I believe I have it, but will wait ruling :)
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  7. Raayn gets it for 18,002 rupees! Congrats! I'll mail it once I get the payment! :p
  8. transfer sent, thanks!
  9. okay! Mailing now! :D *boots up MC*
  10. ok, you are mailing it now, like today?
  11. Yes, going out to get it now