Auction on Diamond Pickaxe Silk Touch I with Unbreaking III

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  1. -The enchantment
    Diamond Pickaxe Silk Touch with Unbreaking III
    -Bid will start at 5000 Must increase by 100

    -Bid ends 24 Hours after last bid. Must pick up after paying at Smp3 /v 6016
    -Any fake bids will result in you not participating in any of my other bids.

    Only Rupees.
    Auction Closed Winner Monster_ with bid 13.4k r

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  2. Leading bidder is _Stads_ with 5100r bid
  3. 5,200 r
  4. Leading bidder is pfirlej7 with bid 7000r
  5. Leading bidder is NinjaWolfElite with bid 11100r
  6. Leading bidder is Monster_ with bid 12000r
  7. Still there is time to bid.
    Right now leading bid is 12k r
  8. If no one will bid in 4hours 30min winner will be Monster_ with bid 12000r
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.