AUCTION on a diamond pick axe whit unbreakly III and silktouch ! :)

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Sammy_man88, May 28, 2012.

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  1. diamond pickaxe whit 2 enchantments!
    un used! :)
    get it on smp3 (if u win)
    we start the price at 5k ;)
  2. You need to post when bidding ends and the minimum bid increasement :)
  3. 5k

    And yes, end time and min. Increasement.
  4. the auction ends in 2 days :)
  5. everyone... it got sold for 8k..
  6. How can you say 2 days and then sell it ingame?

    You gotta read the rules for auctions.

    This is pretty close to fraud just so you know..

    Topic reported, this is why auctions was temp. Banned earlier this year btw..
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  7. oh shit i'l get it back!! :O
  8. i have talked to him i have the pickaxe! :)
  9. but i lower the start price to 4k becouse its already used little bit bt almost nothing! ;)
  10. You advertized "unused"! Now you're saying it's "already used alittle bit". I'm pretty sure this breaks an auction rule.
  11. Sammy I'd take the pick off the forums and use it yourself before you get into trouble.
  12. Please completely read the rules of auctions and proper posting procedures before doing it again. Breaking of rules can result in being blacklisted from using auction threads.
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Thread Status:
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