[AUCTION] Old World bundle 3 DC's

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  1. Do you like to build old world / mid evil style homes, castles or just need some stone? Then this auction is for you!!!

    1 DC of Stone Brick

    1 DC of Vines

    1 DC of cobblestone

    Mix and match the cobble, vines and stone brick to make old world, dungeon type mossy block. Make a DC of each or just a few stacks for that perfect build. Use vines to decorate and the stone to build. This bundle has many potentials.

    Last pic is the look of mossy brick in my hand. Mossy cobble and vines in my inventory.

    Starting Bid 10,000R

    Bid Increase 500R

    Auction ends 48 hours after last valid bid

    Pick up on SMP2 /v +Merek use auction telepad
  2. Paid and picked up. This auction is closed
  3. Paid and picked up!