Auction of the Week W004 - Poke's Box O' Enchants

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  1. Sorry about not being able to post an auction last week, I was on vacation. But now I'm gonna make it up to you guys, with Poke's Box O' Enchants #001!
    In this super awesome Box O' Enchants, is:

    A super awesome diamond pick, enchanted with Unbreaking III, and Efficiency IV! This is a great work pick! Not only will it break blocks super fast, it also lasts super long!
    Just like the last one, but instead its a shovel! Use this to clear out the huge basement you're gonna make in your res!
    2012-08-31_18.55.08.png x2
    A bow enchanted with Punch I, Power III! This bow is great for dealing tons of damage, and it even knocks them away from you! Best part is, theres 2 of them!
    A Flame I Punch I bow! Sets things on fire, and knocks them back! What else could you ask for?
    Now this shovel, is the best. Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV, and Silk Touch I. Ever wanted to add grass and mycellium to your super mall? Well now you can, with this awesome shovel! You can also use this to gather ice, and glowstone, 2 awesome blocks! Also, lets not forget that it lasts 3 times longer, and it breaks blocks extremely fast.
    2012-08-31_18.55.14.png x2
    A Fortune III, Efficiency IV, Diamond Pick! This pick is great for getting 3 times the amount of valuables, while mining it super duper fast! The best part is, there are 2 of these picks in this chest! AWESOME!
    Un sombrero diamonde enchanted con Protectione Cuatro, y Respiratione Tres! If you don't know, thats my version of spanish! Now, this helmet is the best. Protection IV allows you to be protected (obviously), but Respiration III allows you to breathe underwater 3 times as long. How handy!
    We all need protection for our heart, and this Protection III Diamond Chestplate does the job!
    This set of Protection IV Diamond Leggings is great! It gives you 4x the amount of protection then normal diamond armor!
    One set of Feather Falling IV boots! This set of boots allows you to fall from higher heights, and not take as much damage! Sweet!
    This diamond sword allows you to deal tons more damage, sometimes you can even get a 1 Hit KO! Awesome!
    It might not be as good as the last, but this Sharpness III Diamond Sword will almost always kill your foe in 2 hits. I wonder what would happen if you criticalled it? How about you win this auction and find out.

    This sword is quite good, It deals extra damage, and knocks them back!

    Do you have a spider XP farm? Well, if you do, take this sword along and kill those Arthropods in 1 hit!
    This shovel will last a life time, best part is, I have 2. I guess it'll last 2 life times? :O

    A power IV Bow, this is your ghast killer. Almost always 1 shot.

    And finally, an Efficiency III Diamond Pick. This is a good pick to always carry around with you, not to weak, but not too strong.

    Starting Bid: 10k
    Minimum Bid Increase: 100r
    Auction Ends: 24 hours after last bid

    Pick up will be at 3206, on SMP2. Happy bidding!
  2. Sorry, I accidently hit Post Reply, instead of Upload a file. I just typed up the other half.
  3. Lowered starting bid to 3k. C'mon guys! Any bidders?
  4. Do I hear a 10.1k?
  5. Merged some posts. Now you can be happy.
    Also, 12K
  6. Yaya :D, Thank you! And woah a mod bidding on one of my auctions... :confused:
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  7. Come on guys! LZBZ is getting a great deal here!
  8. Anymore bidders?
  9. Protection III? Its Protection IV :confused:
  10. Never mind . . .
  11. Lol?
  12. Lol
  13. Andddddd LZBZ has won the auction! Once you've made your payment of 12000r, I will give you access to the chest. Thank you.
  14. And pickup is at 3206 on SMP2.
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