Auction of the Week 002 - 8/18/12: Poke's PvE Pack #001

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  1. Hey guys, its that time of week again, time for another Auction of the Week! This week we will be featuring Poke's PvE Pack #001. This pack includes all the necessary materials (minus arrows since its against the rules to auction with enchanted items) to not die when you go out to the wilderness. Here is the package:
    2012-08-17_22.31.44.png Included in it is:
    A Diamond Sword of Bane of Arthropods IV, and Fire Aspect I! Have you ever had troubles with those pesky bugs? Well this sword is the solution! Not only does it deal extra damage, it also burns those spiders right up!
    A Bow of Power IV! This bow is sure to kill. One shot a ghast in the Nether.Deal with those sneak
    sniper skeletons! Or even snipe a creeper from afar! This bow can do it all!
    Now this sword can do it all! Included in this wonderful Diamond Sword of Awesomeness, is Sharpness III, and Knockback II! Even if it doesnt kill your foe in one hit with its Sharpness III, it'll knock them back so you can hit them again, without even getting hit! A fabulous sword!
    Now this Bow is a killer. Infinity I, Punch I, and Power III. Infinity I is the best enchantment on a Bow. It allows you to shoot infinite arrows, provided you have at least one in your inventory. Along with this is Power III, doing extra damage, as well as Punch I, to punch 'em back! This bow

    is sure to kill those pesky ghasts.
    A Diamond Sword of Sharpness III! This sword is sure to kill all your mobs in a minimum of two hits! Just like the old diamond swords! I wonder what would happen if you added a critical to that equation... :eek:
    And last, but definitely not least, is a Bow of Flame I, and Power III! Have you ever had some cows that you wanted to cook, but no furnace to cook them in? Well now you can cook them, with this Flame I Bow! Not only does it deal extra damage with the Power III, it also sets them on fire! What a killer!

    Now it is time for the bid information.

    Starting Bid: 3000r
    Minimum Bid Increase: 100r
    Auction End: 24 Hours after the last bid
    Pickup: At 3206 on SMP2. You will see the chest, trust me.

    Now bid on this pack now, and you'll never have to be worried about the wild ever again!

    Happy Bidding!
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  2. No bidders?
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  3. Dude, you have infinite....those bows go for thousands....I will bid :D
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  4. Lol thanks :p Any more?
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  5. I can't afford to bid in any auctions, but come on people, this is a steal right now....
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  6. Thank you Toaster!
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  7. This is what I like to see ;)
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  8. Do I hear an 8.1k?
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  9. No your deaf
  10. I want this so bad
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  11. Lol.
    Why dont you?

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Robot_Chicken is in the lead with 8k and about 10 hours to go.
  12. This autcion format seems familair.. :p
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  13. 10k sorry Equinox
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  14. Lol, I checked with you first :p
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