Auction of massive chest of diamond pickaxes [Enchanted]

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by cvbn490, Jul 23, 2012.

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  1. 6 x efficiency 3
    1 x efficiency 2
    4 x fortune 3 efficiency 3 [1 used]
    1x Fortune 3 efficiency 5
    2 x unbreaking 3 efficiency 3
    1x Efficiency 3 silk touch 1 [Heavily damaged]

    It's a nice little set nothing special. Minimum bid increments of 1000 r. No false bids please.
    [Sorry I couldnt get a picture it was messing up] pick up only.
  2. Lets get this rolling, 5k :)
  3. Please only post items that are in BRAND NEW / NEVER USED condition.
    Can't auction off those two.
  4. I dont see why not, there are picks in full condition there and if people are happy to bid then let them.
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  5. And also the one used is only once I believe, let me check.
  6. 22 hours left.
  7. 7k
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  8. OP is fine for posting used items as he has stated it as they are in his description.

  9. OP is fine what does that mean? Haley is in the lead at 8k with 48h to go. Do I hear 9? Btw haley nice job in the mob arena yesterday :D
  10. Pavi now in the lead with 9 haley are you going to take it to 10?
  11. Thanks man. I tried, I tried. OP stands for Original poster.. so I was just saying you are okay to post the used items., why not. 10k
  12. Pavi u are at 11, do hear 12 haley? Lol haley I lost my best diamond platebody to a slime. A midget slime.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.