[Auction] Nick's Double Chest of Bottle O' Enchanting

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  1. Double Chest Auction of Bottle O' Enchanting

    Starting Bid: 15,000

    Minimum Bidding Increments: 250r

    End of Auction: The Auction Will End 48hrs After The Last Valid Bid

    Pick-Up: The items will be picked up on my res 10317 on smp5

    For further info. Bumps will occur In the morning 6am est, After School 3pm est, and At night 9pm est.

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  3. 9pm Bump next will occur at 6am
  4. the starting bid is 15k...
  5. Umm can I bid 3 silk touch and 5k?
  6. I kinda don't have 15k=(
  7. 15k, why not.
  8. Oops, scratch that, 15.5k. :/
  9. actually can I cancel the bid because I dont have 25k
  10. False betting will get you black listed from the auctions
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  11. what is black listed???
  12. 6am Bump, LZBZ_DW is in the lead?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.