[ AUCTION ] NetherHound Egg

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What would you like me to put in the 12063 shop?

Enchanted Tools 1 vote(s) 20.0%
Enchanted Armour 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Potions 0 vote(s) 0.0%
All of the above 4 vote(s) 80.0%
Own suggestions in your bid! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
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  1. Hello, today I am auctioning a NetherHound egg! NetherHound's were introduced to EMC a little while back, along with other mini bosses and mobs. As any other friendly mob, it was able to be eggified. Although, now it has been patched, and they are unable to obtain.

    So, here are the details:

    Starting Bid: 15k
    Minimum Bid Increase: 100r
    Auction Ends: 24 hours after last VALID bid.
    Pickup: 12063 SMP6 [ lllllchrislllll residence ]
    Happy Bidding!

    12063 on SMP6 will soon be opening to the public as the "PVP Arena Specialists." We will sell and loan armour and weaponry out to the public to use in the PvP arena, along with potions etc.

    Thanks a lot guys, have fun!

    - kingcam456 zdfhzfhn.png
  2. I believe that I won as of 7:50am this morning, I'll pay and pick up when I get back from class :)
  3. Thatsm true, come to 12063 and ill have it set up for you!
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