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should i auction something else soon?!

YES! GO FOR IT! 1 vote(s) 100.0%
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  1. hey guys! well here is thing thing.. heads are getting more and more common as we can see... so.. I have decided... my heads are at peoples res' that I just give out.. well now that I think about it... I don't really think that's a good idea.. cause then.. they wont be very .. well..."special". so.. I am auctioning my last head I'm giving out for a long time. if u ever get to c it at my 2nd res (8182) smp4.. it may not look like anything but it has several enchantments... so far as I'm putting.. luck of the sea unbreaking 3.. etc... so if u wanna be that lucky person to get it.. here is some info...:
    START BID:50r
    ENDS: july 20th I know its kind of stupid but I think itll be worth it..

  2. I believe that this is not a valid auction as you can't sell single heads in an auction.
  3. You need 53 other heads for this to be valid auction.
  4. Also, this is in the wrong category. This should be in the economy section under public auctions.
  5. oh.. I'm sorry this is my 1st auction post.. how do I delete it?
  6. just use the report button and explain. They will fix it.
  7. ohh it is in the wrong cata gory...

  8. report me?
    umm ok
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