[AUCTION] My first mob hunting gear

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by NathanRP, Jul 2, 2014.

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  1. hello and I have a nice auction for you! here it is:

    item: set of diamond gear (pick, axe, spade, sword, hoe, diamond helmet, chest, boots, leggings)

    starting bid: 2k or 2,000r

    minimum bid increasement: 750 or 750r

    auction ends 48 hrs (you probably get this but) or 48 hours

    enchants sword: sharpness V knockback II axe: efficiency V spade: efficiency V hoe: unbreaking III pick: silk touch I

    enchants helmet: projectile protection IV chest: projectile protection IV leggings: projectile protection IV boots: feather falling III projectile protection IV

    them skelys cant hurt you with this amour!

    happy bidding! :)
  2. Ok can I have a mod clear the title and the OP up my key board is touchy
  3. I suggest starting a convo with one online, should be faster.

    ~~~~ I bid 2k!

    No skeleton shall bother me again!
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  4. Bump do you really want this to go to gap for 2k? Come on its still cheap if you bid
  5. 3k
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  6. 5k
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  7. y u bump? :(
  8. I want money =P bid agian if you want
  9. Bump don't let it go for 5k under price I'm going to sell one for 6.7k
  10. Bump don't let jimpixs win!!
  11. Bump don't let jimpixs win come on this was a lot of hard work! You try doing this this will help your defense agianst skeletons projectile protection IV!!! Boots feather falling 3!!
  12. Bump less than 6hours left come on people!!
  13. Gratz you won!! Please pay 5,000r and pick up a at 5275 on utopia =D
  14. Was I literally one minute late...
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  15. It ended yesterday I forgot to end it busy day
  16. Good :p
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