AUCTION! Mutiple Enchants!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by hoi, May 13, 2012.

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  1. Hello, I am auctioning off some enchanted things that i enchanted when i was first on emc.
    Hope you put them into great use if you win these items.

    x2 Bow f-1
    x1 Gold Sword Sharpness II
    x1 Gold sword Sharpness I
    x1 Iron Sword Sharpness I
    x1 Iron Pickaxe Unbreaking I
    x1 Diamond Sword Sharpness I

    Never Been Used EVER!

    Starting Bid:

    Bid Increments:

    Auction End:
    24 hours after this auction post
  2. :)
    Auction King is in the house!
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  3. Dag nab it...
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  4. Like for you :)
  5. Hope you know, editing the auction details after bidding has occurred is illegal.

  6. False, read below.
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  7. Well, i will give you or someone else their items they have won from this auction tomorrow.
  8. bidding is still going! 30 minutes!
  9. You will have no more than 24 hours to present the items.

    Actually, your still false. You posted at 8:45pm yesterday, thus I have 26 minutes.
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  10. I know but my mom is making me go to sleep in 10 minutes so i cant deliever the items to them today, they will have to get them tomorrow.
  11. By the way pig if you have to deliver them tomorrow thats fine
  12. Im online atm Meet me on smp7
    Your chest awaits.....
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