[Auction] Momentus Helmet

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  1. Item: Momentus' Helmet. Because its not just zombie flesh that needs protection!
    Starting Price: 80k
    Minimum Bid Increment: 1k
    Auction Ending Time: 48h after last valid bid

    Pickup Location: 10742 (SMP5), back of my STORE. Currently hanging on a wall, so you can go and check it out.
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  2. Bump
    80k, is that it guys?
  3. nope 150k
  4. 230k
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  5. Bump
    kaptrix has the lead at 230k
  6. Bump Bump Bump Bump
    Bump Bump Bump Bump (Beethoven)
  7. Bump! Is that it?
  8. Final Bump before kaptrix takes it for 230k
  9. Saturday morning BUMP!
  10. Bump,
    shavingfoam has the lead with 255k
  11. Last Bump before shavingfoam takes it