[AUCTION] [MOD APPROVED] Adventures Kit #2

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by 25maxoz, Jul 20, 2012.

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  1. Hello, LTmoores here

    i just wanted to say, Albinopolerbear1 made the original adventures kit, not me i just wanted to make my own.

    So here is the picture of the chest, i edited it with photoshop to make it easyer to see the enchants on the picks.

    Bid starts at 10k ends when at least 20 people have bidded kit will be awarded to highest bidder

    Some items Donated By: Codygraw101

    Good Luck and Happy Bidding!


    (25maxoz is writing this but ltmoores is standing next to me telling me what to write)
    (lt says he forgot his fourm password and is going to reset it later)
  2. Nole is in the lead with 11k!
  3. 11.5k

    Is this ending in 2 days or when 20 people post?
  4. 2 days IF 20 people post. for example if its been 2 days from when this post is made and theres only 19 people bidded il put on another few hours for people to bid
  5. Kevdudeman is in the lead with 11.5k!
  6. 12k bring it kev
  7. Nole is leading the charge BUT only 500r from kev!
  8. Well since nole has issued a challenge...

  9. Woops i spoke to soon samtheboo is leading with 13k!
  10. WOOPS i spoke to soon AGAIN kev is leading with 15k
  11. far out.. nole is leading with 17k
  12. ok ima stop saying whos in the lead, my hands are hurting
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.