Auction: Mob Farm on SMP2

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  1. I have a location with two mob spawners that have been turned into a Mob Farm and the location itself is attached to a large Abandoned Mine system.

    The two spawners are in an area that has been opened and turned into a drop shaft trap with the ability for the player to stand, safely, in sight of the two spawners and the mobs will continually respawn, approach the player, get caught in a water funnel and be pushed into the shaft trap whereby the player can then climb down a set of ladders and kill all the mobs in the shaft with one or two punches, rapidly upping their Exp level.

    The Abandoned Mine is of course, theirs to explore at their lesiure.

    The Farm is on SMP2.

    There is no closing time for the bid, I'll simply select the bid I'm happiest with and the winner, upon payment, will be given the co-ordinates.

    Travel time to the Farm takes an estimated five minutes and is across a large water expanse meaning safe travel.

    See the attached images for an idea of the farm. There are probably better ways to do it, but I like this for the quickness of it.

    2012-01-15_21.01.13.png 2012-01-15_21.01.16.png 2012-01-15_21.01.23.png 2012-01-15_21.01.31.png 2012-01-15_21.01.38.png 2012-01-15_21.05.14.png