Auction: Mob Destroyer Pack

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  1. An amazing set of armour and weapons to let you explore anywhere in the wild in safety

    ITEMS: All Diamond (except the bow)

    Helmet with Protection 4 / Respiration 3
    Chest with Protection 4
    Leggings with Protection 4
    Boots with Protection 4

    Sword Sharpness 4, Knockback 2
    Bow Infinity 1, Flame 1, Power 4

    STARTING BID: 2000 R


    AUCTION END TIME: 24 hours after last bid is posted with no further bids.

    Upon winning the bid and payment is received an access chest will be setup at res 8835 SMP 4

    Good Luck and Happy Bidding
  2. 2200 rupees
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.