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  1. 9 Enchanted Picks
    3 x Silk Touch + Efficiency 4 + Unbreaking 3
    3 x Fortune 3 + Efficiency 4 + Unbreaking 3
    3 x Efficiency 4 + Unbreaking 3

    Starting bid: 20k
    Minimum increase: 1k
    Ends: 24h after last valid bid

    For more: visit 12162 @ smp6, send me a PM or e-mail
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  2. Bit high starting bid?
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  3. I think yo may have a typo with the bolded numbers:)
  4. you* and the bolded numbers are the 3s, that bold didnt work as well as i thought it would -_-
  5. Oh, that are 9 picks, not 6, so it's a bit under the retail price all together :)
    And they are worth far more :)
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  6. If you started lower, I would bid... then people would keep bidding higher and higher :D
  7. Talking about economy ;) an "unbreaking 3" diamond pick has over 6,000 uses.

    With "fortune 3" enchantment, you get 2.2 or 220% compared to the normal yield, meaning you get - for example -
    7,200 pieces of coal more, worth about 11k - or -
    32,400 piles of redstone dust more, worth about 34k - or -
    7,200 diamonds more, worth about 324k

    With a silk touch pick, you get the ores, save the space in your inventory and significantly reduce travel time.
    Counting only the stone you get, compared to cobble you get about 3k worth more with one silk touch pick than with a normal pick.

    An Efficiency 4 Unbreaking 3 Pick will save you at least 15 minutes of digging time, so you get a lot more stuff per minute of digging.

    So 20k for this set is really a small price :)
  8. Okay um 20,000.
  9. and i dont think anyone else would bid.
  10. so
    can i buy it?
  11. sure, I'll set up a chest for you :)
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