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  1. mega enchantment pack
    helmet: fire protection III, respiration II
    chestplate:blast protection IV
    leggings:protection III
    boots:protection III
    sword:bane of Arthropods V
    pickaxe:unbreaking III, efficiency IV, silk touch I
    diamond axe:unbreaking III
    diamond shovel:unbreaking III
    bow:3x power I
    arrows:2 stacks

    minimum bid increments:500r
    starting bid:3000r
    auction end:48 hours after last bid
    condition:all items above are completely unused, all diamond except for bow and arrows (obviously)

    happy bidding :) btw this pack is with over 20k!!!
  2. zslum dog is in the lead with 3k- this enchantment pack is worth over 20k !!!
  3. Lol, who helped u with this....
    Jeez thats alot of grinding
  4. nobody helped me i did it all in maybe 8-9 hours straight :p and its only at 3k -.-
  5. the silk touch alone is worth 3k guys! get bidding :)
  6. 8-9.....wow
  7. louiskw is in the lead with 4k!!
  8. 7k! i click here because i thought this is one of my auctions, lol
  9. I am at 10k already :p
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  10. yay :) fearless waffle is in the lead with 11k, keep the bids coming, its worth far more than 11k :p
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.