[AUCTION] Mega Enchantment Pack - 9 enhaced item!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by pateraterick, May 4, 2012.

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  1. Picks (5) (Worth 20k)
    -Silk Touch I Efficiency IV
    -Unbreaking III Efficiency IV
    -Unbreaking III Efficiency V
    -Unbreaking III
    -Efficiency I

    Swords (2) (Worth 5k)
    -Bane of Arthropods IV
    -Knock Back I

    Bows (2) (Worth 1k)
    -Power III
    -2xPower I
    -1 stack of arrows

    All Tools/weapons are diamond and NEVER USED

    Starting Bid: 15,000
    Increments: 1,000
    End Time: 24hrs after last bid
    Winner will get an message from me!

    Good Luck Bidding!
  2. No one bids?
  3. dude it was only 15 minutes.. you should be more patient xD
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  4. I'll start you off with 15k
  5. ill bid 20k
    for all
  6. First:
    Is every pick & sword diamond?
    Are they all 100% health?
  7. Yes, i just added it in!
  8. Sorry, i was using my laptop on the school bus, got a little bit inpatient
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  9. No offence, but, ur font is scary, T.T
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  10. That's weird ... Strange ...
  11. Faith caster has to pay within the next 24 hours or there will be another auction
  12. First of all, can you do that? I mean, if he can't get on within the next 24 hours, is it his fault? Now if he backs out, then it is...
    Secondly, where's my quote about speed potions? :confused:
  13. Oh i waited for about 3 days! And he hasnt paid yet:(
  14. I'll pay 22k r.
  15. Im sorry, the auction is closed. I will make another thread :)! can a mod please lock this thread
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.