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  1. Fundraiser Auction money will go to the completion of my 8900 market place and my 9300 rent-a-mall
    If it goes for hight enough it will be used to buy a rare prom for my 9111 museum.

    Auction items
    Dc of zombie viruses
    Dc of bones
    9 power 3 unbreak 3 bows
    4 dc of cactus
    1 dc of carrots
    1 dc of melon
    1 dc of zombie heads

    Starting price 1r
    Ends 24 hours after last bid
    Pick up 9111
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  2. min bid increase?
  3. Infinity and bump
  4. Your bid is invalid Jayden Irwin has a higher bid
  5. I am pretty sure infinity is invalid. Please give an actual number.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.