[Auction] Mega Auction!

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  1. Items:
    DC of saddles
    DC of gunpowder
    DC of arrows
    DC of mob heads: 6 creeper, 12 skeleton, 36 zombie
    DC of iron ingots (condensed for easy vault trans)
    2 diamond horse armor
    3 gold horse armor
    10 iron horse armor
    27 nametags (rare)
    Feather Fallllling Boots (60k promo item)
    Starting Bid:
    Minimum Bid increments:
    Auction ends:
    48hrs after last valid bid
    smp 7 res 14362
    2013-10-16_16.11.39.png 2013-10-16_16.11.48.png 2013-10-16_16.11.51.png 2013-10-16_16.11.55.png 2013-10-16_16.12.00.png 2013-10-16_16.18.30.png
  2. 20k! Man he wasn't kidding, its HUGE!
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  3. 25,000 rupees.
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  4. Bump worth so much more it hurts :p
  5. Bump still worth a lot more
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.