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Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Highbuddy, Jul 7, 2012.

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  1. Hey,

    i made a special package for ya guys!

    1x DiamondPickaxe Efficiency IV
    64x Jungle Log
    64x Pine Log
    64x NetherRack
    64x Glass
    10x Glowstone
    10x Obsidian
    64x EndStone
    64x CobbleStone
    64x CobbleStone
    64x Cobblestone
    64x Cobblestone
    64x Stone
    64x Stone
    64x StoneBricks
    64x StoneBricks
    4x Pistons
    6x Redstone Repeater
    64x Redstone
    16x Redstone Torch
    1x Diamond Helmet
    1x Diamond Chestplate
    1x Diamond Legging
    1x Diamond boots

    Bidding from: 200
    Minimum bod increasement: 100
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  2. fail popcorn 2500
  3. Why are you guys bidding on something in the community marketplace?
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  4. RetGool on the lead!
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  5. Question: how i give it to someone who is in SMP2, Smp3 ETC, cuz im in SMP1
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  6. Because the Empire consists of multiple servers, we have provided a unique feature called the cross-server vault. Think of it like a virtual shipping company. It works just like a large chest. You can put items in it from any Empire Minecraft server, and you can take items out from any server.


    It costs 10 rupees every time you open your vault. This is like a shipping fee. The reason for this cost is because we want to keep players from using it like a chest. Vault transactions are heavy on our servers because they have to be shared across servers.


    You can only open your vault from Town.
    Open your vault (10 rupees each time)

    Utopia Vault

    Opening your vault is free on the Utopia server. This makes it easy for players to shop in the Utopia Town and take things back to their home server.

    3.3k :D
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  7. 16 Hour Left!
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