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Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Highbuddy, Jul 7, 2012.

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  1. Hey,

    i made a special package for ya guys!

    1x DiamondPickaxe Efficiency IV
    64x Jungle Log
    64x Pine Log
    64x NetherRack
    64x Glass
    10x Glowstone
    10x Obsidian
    64x EndStone
    64x CobbleStone
    64x CobbleStone
    64x Cobblestone
    64x Cobblestone
    64x Stone
    64x Stone
    64x StoneBricks
    64x StoneBricks
    4x Pistons
    6x Redstone Repeater
    64x Redstone
    16x Redstone Torch
    1x Diamond Helmet
    1x Diamond Chestplate
    1x Diamond Legging
    1x Diamond boots

    Bidding from: 200
    Minimum bod increasement: 100
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  2. Is this allowed to be auction???
  3. You have 2 posts for this
  4. Your only allowed to sell the Pick
  5. The auction is allowable; it just has to include at least one enchanted item.

    Bid: 1500
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  6. However, you need to set an ending time, e.g. "6 hours after the last bid". Please do that as soon as possible, in a new message, and also please ask a mod to put it in the original posting.

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  8. Your point?
  9. so are there 2 packages because it is also posted in marketplace
  10. Someone said, Not allowed here, so i posted on market place, Bid there please!
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  11. We cannot "bid" in the marketplace. We can bid in an auction.

    Someone may well have said "not allowed", but someone was wrong.
  12. 3.5k.

    This auction is allowed. It has to be in this section. Therefore this is the auction that is valid. However, Higbuddy, you do need to add an ending time as stated above.
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  13. Ending in 24 hour
  14. 14wcooley on dah lead! no one dare's to increase? Chickens!
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  15. Didn't I win this..? I paid you..
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Not open for further replies.