[Auction] Maxarias' Soul [Closed]

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  1. Are you obsessed with Maxarias? Do you sometimes dream about you and her avatar sharing glances? Do you believe you love her more than Aikat? Is it possible she has filed a restraining order against you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, This auction is for YOU!

    What is for auction: 3 Maxarian heads, 1 Book of colors
    Starting Bid: 30k
    Minimum Bid Increment: 1r
    Auction Ends: 36 hours after last valid bid.

    Now is your chance to admire the flame in her eyes without violating your parol. Bid now! :p

    ps: idk if book of colors is ok to bid off so if not please send me a pm and I'll get staff to edit it off and hopefully continue on with the auction. :D
  2. 30,001
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  3. *looks at the restraining order folded into an origami boat*


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  4. Invalid thread, Yes max heads are promo items, but still fall under being a Mob/Player head.

    Mob/Player Heads
    Mob/Player Heads can be auctioned off in minimum quantities in 54. You cannot include both player and mob Heads in a single set of 54. When auctioning mob Heads, you must include the type of each head. When auctioning player Heads, you must include the name of each player. Do not use alts to fake other player's heads - this is scamming.

    About the book of color; You need atleast a DC of those to auction it.
    Auction closed
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  5. This item has been updated in the Wiki and is now included as a promotional item in the list of auctionable items.
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