[AUCTION] Max Res Upgrade Voucher

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by fishmeal, Oct 1, 2014.

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  1. Auction: Max Res Upgrade
    Starting Bid: 480k
    Bid Increment: 1k
    Auction Ends: after 72 hours without a bid

    Max Res Voucher.jpg

    Let's try this one more time...
    These cost $50USD in the Empire Store, which is equal to 609,375r.
    Right now, $50 and buying one from a player who spent $ are the only ways to get one.

    This voucher entitles you to an upgrade of +1 to your residence maximum. You will be able to own another res if you redeem this.

    Please read the auction rules before posting, and only post if you have a valid bid.
    If you have questions or comments about the auction, the price, or anything, please PM me or open a thread in the Marketplace Discussions section.
  2. Fish, max res vouchers aren't $50.....

    They are $30...
  3. Yes they only just lowered again since I typed this. Maybe it's been like a day. Apologies for the misleading text. I cannot edit, but these are back down to $30 again.
  4. bump! 72 hours is silly, but it's too late now.
  5. bump!
    Again, these are $30 now, not $50, which is still more than a diamond voucher. EMC has changed the price for at least the 6th time.
    Current bid to beat is: 600k
    You have until noon on Saturday.
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  6. You need the extra land. Bid 650. Do it. All your friends will think you are cool. This subliminal message has been brought to you by the standard forum color scheme.
    To all other: bump.
  7. Only a day left to beat Mr_Zulus.
    Auction is at 600,000r.
  8. Is anyone else selling one of these?
    This could be your last chance before they come out for as much as 30-100k tokens next year.
  9. They aren't selling them anymore I don't think
  10. The EMC store has them for $30, but you're right about players.
    I don't think anyone else is really selling one of these right now.

    current bid: 600k
    current auction end: today at 12:05 PM
  11. Do we keep the 2 reses forever?
  12. Thnxs for answering the bid was depending on the answer :/
  13. Yeah, its permament +1 residence count upgrade.
    Looks like I win the auction :D , paying now.
  14. Mailing now :D
    Thanks Mr_Zulus. Still considering paying you 200k of this :p
  15. Ok, as you wish ;) Have fun with over half mill of rupees haha.
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