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  1. Item: Max Res Upgrade Voucher (Costs $50USD)
    Starting Bid: 600k
    Bid Increment: 2,000
    Auction Ending Time: 72 hours after last bid

    The Max Res Upgrade allows you to claim one more res than you already could. The upgrade is permanent.
    These cost $50 from the Empire store. $50 gets you over 609k rupees. Even though I normally like to start my auctions off at free I will be starting this one just below that and setting the bid increment low.
    Happy bidding.
  2. Ok I believe i may do this, to make this more of an auction and less of a cheap sale:
    Starting bid changed to: 500k
  3. i may be wrong but i believe they were reduced to $30 a while back due to them changing it
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  4. You are wrong. They were reduced and then raised again.
  5. But they will be free with voting. therefore not nearly worth 600k
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  6. Diamond Vouchers are apparently selling for 500k so I disagree, so do the people who bought these for 500k when they were $20.

    Please keep your posts to questions about the auction and bids. Those are the rules.
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  7. Diamond vouchers are worth 500k because they are not obtainable through voting. Where max res vouchers are. What I said was completely relevant to the auction. I was pointing out they will be free the deference is its not something your bidders want to hear.
  8. Its his auction. Only post if you are bidding.
  9. It is not a discussion thread. This is an auction. Please read the auction rules sticky post. 30,000 tokens is not free, anyway.
  10. Is there a mod that can just clean this up and change my starting bid? Thank you.
  11. Never mind. This frustrated me and I passed it off in game. The auction item doesn't exist anymore. Someone close this please. I assume with no one having bid that this is ok. Sorry if not.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.