Auction Massive set of Enchanted Bow and diamond items!

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  1. Seperateed AUCTION
  2. All pickaxes 12k :)
  3. ill take the set of armor for 2.5k
  4. Thestar, I'll sell you the picaxes all of them for 12k
    Collect at res 8076, say when your coming
  5. ill take the fire bow for 1.2k
  6. Sorry apart from the pickaxes, you cant buy 1 by 1, the only way to buy the pixaxes is to be beat the highest bid
  7. Cant I buy all the stuff for 15k instead?
  8. Ive put the armor into a different auction before you ask.....
  9. sure, pm me on smp4
  10. ill pm you at...... 6 hours from now?