[Auction] Marlix Leggings

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  1. Auctioning: Marlix Leggings: http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/marlixs-leggings/
    Starting Bid: 5k Rupees
    Minimum Increase in Bids: 2.5k Rupees
    Auction Ends: 36 Hours After Final Bid
    Pickup: (HairyEagle-3 *Utopia* Only placed after confirmed payment)
  2. 30,000 rupees.
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  3. 32.5k
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  4. 40k
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  5. Le Bump (^^^Me)
  6. Ok I guess I (mman2832s alt) win, ill pay today or tommorow
  7. No problem, congratz
  8. Please pay with the account that won though, in order to verify that you are the alt of the above mentioned player who won the auction.
  9. Ill pay right now
  10. Paid to Nicholasguy
  11. Cool, I'll set the chest up
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.